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14 MARS 2021

Peachtree Audio preDAC : un préampli Hifi et Dac à la classe boisée, paré pour toutes les configurations

12 MARS 2021

PEACHTREE créé la surprise avec le tout nouveau preDAC

Peachtree nova 150



Computer Audiophile logo

« .…unmatched features and sound quality at an exceptional price. »

« Peachtree Audio introduced products with USB inputs long before most of the industry realized it was possible to connect a computer-based product to a « real » audio system. »

« I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the beautiful cabinet of the new nova150. The gloss ebony mocha finish is something only seen on much more expensive components. »

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cnet logo

« The Nova150 was an even better match with my Magnepan .7 flat panel speakers. The .7s crave power, and the Nova150 delivered gobs of it. Bass definition and oomph were truly exceptional, better than I’ve heard from the .7s mated with other integrated amps. »

« …I popped on ZZ Top’s « Live From Texas » concert Blu-ray, and the Nova150 could do no wrong. …this two-channel system with my Zu Druid V speakers was a rock and roller dream’s come true. »

« …Costello’s vocals were believably realistic. I never really noticed how good this album sounded before… »

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DAR logo

« A new generation calling: the utterly marvellous Peachtree nova150 »

« …maxes out on bang-for-buck like no other model before it. »

« What’s really interesting is how the nova150 feels more powerful in use than another super integrated… »

« That brings us to (for me) the nova150’s killer feature: Peachtree’s Dy-NEC USB A input is for digitally siphoning ones and zeroes from suitably equipped smartphones and tablets… »

« Peachtree Audio’s amplifiers remain peerless on outward appearance. One could be forgiven for buying one on looks alone. »

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Peachtree nova 300

The Sound Advocate logo

« There is something genuinely special about the Peachtree Audio Nova 300 integrated amplifier that is hard to let go of… »

« Its power output and reproduction capabilities are quite simply unsurpassed at its asking price. »

« However, it is more than just power that puts this integrated amplifier way above almost anything else. It drove each speaker system effortlessly…with a natural beauty that is quite rare for any amplifier, let alone a unit at this price point. »

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Part-Time Audiophile logo

« The new Peachtree Nova300 is a highly focused and detailed piece of electronics, with remarkably low noise… »

« Features, power, and connectivity options put the Peachtree Nova300 well out of reach for many of its competitors…None offer what the Nova300 does for the price. It’s really hard not to outright recommend the Peachtree Nova300 to everyone based on features and price alone. »

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HiFi+ logo logo

« …the Nova 300 is a flat out steal for all the audio capabilities it delivers. »

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The Master Switch logo

« No matter what was going into the amplifier, or what we were using to listen to it, it never gave anything but a brilliant performance. »

« It’s not just that it could go loud when we asked it to. That was a given. It’s that the sound was absolutely extraordinary. »

« The nova300 was truly in a league of its own. »

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Computer Audiophile logo

« I thought the nova300 was going to be a brute, with its added power, but it turns out this thing has finesse as well. Unexpected finesse. »

« …the nova300 is the homecoming king, the captain of the team, and the president of the senior class, rolled up into one item. Power, control, and finesse. This is the nova you want. »

« This is what Peachtree Audio 2.0 is all about. New products, better engineering and even better value. »

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DAR Knock Out Award

Digital Audio Review gives the DAR Knock Out Award to the « powerfully persuasive Peachtree nova300 »

« I doubt that there’s a loudspeaker on the planet that this Peachtree won’t drive with sure-footed authority. »

« Peachtree’s own nova150 aside, I also doubt that there’s an integrated amplifier out there with as much functionality for as few dollars. »

« The nova300 is an exceptional beast. »

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Peachtree nova 500

Audio Pursuit logo

« Maybe I should have known how impressive the Peachtree amp500 would perform in my system with multiple speakers. But, I wasn’t prepared. The British have a great word that is absolutely fitting, “gobsmacked”. No matter what music or speakers I threw at the amp500, this sexy oval dynamo delivers beyond all expectations. Yes, I’m finding a way to keep the Peachtree amp500, it’s an absolute steal! »

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amp500 owner Charles Umberger does a deep dive into his experience with the amp500:

« No matter what I threw at my system, the amp500 consistently delivered every bit of juice that my speakers wanted, and I always had the feeling that the reserve was plenty deep. The amp500 never broke a sweat. »

« Power, dynamics, soundstage, etc. don’t mean a lot if the amplifier isn’t musical at its core. …Listening to track after track, however, it wasn’t soundstage or imaging or dynamics that continued to capture my attention. It was the absolute pleasing musicality of the amp. »

« Tracks that I’d heard before I was hearing again with a new appreciation. It was as if the recordings themselves had gotten a good wash. Distortion and noise that had smeared (even slightly) some recordings were gone. I was hearing things more clearly, more purely than before. Subtle is not a word you often hear associated with monster amplifiers, but it applies here. The amp500 has as much power as you will ever need, but it’s amazingly revealing of the subtle sounds that can mean the difference between great playback and true high fidelity. More importantly, the amp500 does this without a hint of harsh, analytical nature that other “detailed sounding” amplifiers tend to convey. »

« For just a few minutes Mother Maybelle was alive again, playing and singing with an amazing supporting cast. I could hear the subtlety not just in her singing but in everything she did as she sat and played…continually impressed at just how present and immediate this 50-year-old recording suddenly sounded. »

« Certainly, I don’t know of a single amp in this price range that consistently delivers so many good things. Send the amp500 to the head of the class.« 

« With all due respect to some of the better 2 channel stereo amps in the sub $2000 range, this isn’t a fair fight…If you’re looking for a stereo power amplifier in the $3000 – $8000 range, do yourself a favor and add the Peachtree amp500 to your list of candidates. »

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